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Upcoming Trainings and Support Groups 
What’s Good About Anger?

You can learn how to be good and angry.

Our Anger Management training emphasizes the source of anger, triggers that provoke anger, and how to express anger in healthy ways and show you how to turn anger into problem-solving, assertiveness, conflict management, empathy, and forgiveness. 

We hope you come to realize that anger can be a healthy emotion to motivate you to change!



Living Life!

Young parents are you trying to get a grip on life?

If you are a young parent between the ages of 12-22 or pregnant… you are invited to join our Teenage Parenting Group. 

Yes! Young Moms and Dads you will have a chance to meet other young families and build crucial peer support. You will learn more about your child’s development and how to access resources in your community to help. Weekly group meetings will allow young parents to find commonality, strength, and encouragement to guide and help you meet the demands of parenthood. 

Topics will include
Goal Setting
Family Planning
Health and Wellness
Stress Management
Workforce Development
Parent/Child Relationships
Budgeting and Money Management